CSSRL launches New Logo

"Adaptive Developmental Evolution" is a continual process at CSSRL. With the same ideology and upgraded avtar, CSSRL launches its new logo up for the market. For long, CSSRL has been the brand name for CyberSec Studies and Research Laboratory. And now instead of figurative identity, Company's New Logo shall be its brand name "CSSRL" itself. 

The two colours in the logo title "CSSRL" represents "Skilled Cyber Security Workforce Development" and "Cyber Awareness" as two major objectives of CSSRL.

The tagline below the "cssrl" represents that our operations are exclusively in Cyber Security and we focus on Workforce Development to bridge the gap between the academics and the IT security industry as a professional training providing Company (and not another academic college or conventional educational institute)

CSSRL, for more than past 6 years has been operating with cyber security at its core and not just one among the many other domains, which most of the other generic training or service providers do. The long research and development effort dedicated in the domain of cyber security only sets us apart from other such ventures which have started recently.        

While CSSRL do take up some selected services related projects, which provides inputs to our research and keeps us up to date in the industry, our focus is mainly on cyber security workforce development by providing practical hands-on training to diverse range of aspirants from students to freshers as well as working professionals, again ranging from many non-IT domains to IT to cyber security professionals. 

Unlike conventional institutions which focus on certifications, at CSSRL the core values are to hone skills which makes our customers more productive workforce in the cyber security industry. 

Therefore, the New Logo unambiguously presents that CSSRL is originally India's Leading Cyber Security Workforce Development Company disseminating World Class Professional Training and Development Services. 


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