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Is CSSRL's training methodology different from conventional courses?

CSSRL is a cyber security workforce development company which provides various cyber security training programs to bridge the skill gap between academics and the industry requirements today. These training programs are available in regular classroom as well as virtual classroom mode. 
Earlier in 2017, we published a blog on  Why CSSRL's Virtual classroom methodology is different from typical "online courses" . But over a period of time, based on the queries of many prospective trainees, we realised that a significant section of that perceive us as someone conducting conventional training courses. 

Conventional courses focus mainly on preparing you for a third party certification exams by enrolling you into "lectures" where you will sit with 20 other people and take notes. Depending on how much you can remember and recall during the exam, you will either get certified or not. Though such certifications add to the credibility in your profile, they do not necessa…