What CSSRL looks for while hiring Security Evangelists

CSSRL, being a Cyber Security Workforce Development company offers various training programs to bridge the gap between the current academics and the workforce requirement by the IT industry at large. For providing this training, which is mainly focused on practical hands-on as well as basic concepts in various domains, CSSRL employs Security Evangelists who can guide the enrolled trainees.

We receive a lot of job applications, from applicants willing to become trainers / evangelists at CSSRL, some willing to offer their services on part time basis, while some who have cleared certification exams or having teaching experience in an engineering college.

While respecting those credentials, these do not necessarily qualify them to be fit to deliver the training as per CSSRL methodology.

To deliver our training methodology, CSSRL hires only committed full time trainers, who have chosen Security Evangelism as The career for them.

Those who are passionate for training, mentoring and creating impact by building next generation of Security Professionals, will find themselves at home in CSSRL work environment, and not those who are only looking for "a job".

As CSSRL is not a conventional college/institute so we are not looking for professors who can deliver lectures to large audience. Public speaking, though important, can not be primary criteria for this role.

Certifications in IT security domain do add credibility but is not sufficient ( or even pre-requisite) to join as trainer at CSSRL

What is expected from CSSRL Evangelist is that they should have clear concepts and they must be able to deliver those concepts well to the trainees. Having an inductive research aptitude that encourages trainees to perform well as cyber security professional workforce.

Needless to say that practical knowledge and ability to deliver training and guide trainees in hands-on practice is what will make them most suitable for this role.

While a "demo class" judges a trainer based on his presentation skills, a CSSRL Evangelist can be best judged by the feedback/testimonials from the trainees who have gained from his/her services.


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