Inquiry/Admission procedure at CSSRL Pune

For those who are willing to start their career in cyber security, and considering leveraging CSSRL’s training services for the same, most of their inquiries fall in either of these two categories: a) which training program is right for them and b) procedure to enrol for that training program including eligibility, fee structure, application procedure, etc. While detailed counselling may be needed for some cases on the first category, most of the cases, especially those who do not have much background in IT security, can find their queries answered in our FAQs. We are trying to address the second category here i.e. the procedure related queries.      

All training programs offered at CSSRL Pune are listed at Training Services section on our website, along with duration, eligibility, fees and other relevant details. Respective brochures for the program can be downloaded for relevant training program.  

Those, who do not have clarity on which training program to choose, can fill up the online inquiry form on our website and mention their query along with their highest educational qualification and if they have already studied anything in IT security. Mentioning your contact detail and preferred time for our counselor to call will be helpful.  

If you are already clear on which program is right for you, the application can be filled at Website. In the application you will need to choose the program name and the training mode (Regular or Virtual). As regular classroom may not be feasible for some, virtual mode may be most appropriate for them. Read our blog Why CSSRL’s Virtual classroom mode is different from typical “Online courses”. Remember that there are no live lectures in online mode and hence the trainee has full flexibility on the schedule while also having opportunity to interact with instructors in asynchronous mode. For regular classroom also flexibility in scheduling is provided including late evenings or weekends.  

Once your application is submitted successfully, you will be required to email us the scanned copy of supporting documents. You will receive an email at your registered email address regarding that immediately after submission of application form. In case you have not received that email even after getting message on website that your application is successfully submitted, check the spam folder, or there may be mistyping of the email address in the application. In case you have any more queries or special requests e.g. related to class schedule preference or payment mode, you can mention that also in same email. You will have an opportunity to change the classroom mode ( Virtual to Regular or vice versa ) depending on this query.    

Soon after your Application Screening, you shall receive your Admission Acknowledgement Ticket, typically within 24 hrs or less.  Your class will be scheduled after discussion with you and typically start minimum 4-5 working days after payment of fees.    



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