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CSSRL launches New Logo

"Adaptive Developmental Evolution" is a continual process at CSSRL. With the same ideology and upgraded avtar, CSSRL launches its new logo up for the market. For long, CSSRL has been the brand name for CyberSec Studies and Research Laboratory. And now instead of figurative identity, Company's New Logo shall be its brand name "CSSRL" itself. 
The two colours in the logo title "CSSRL" represents "Skilled Cyber Security Workforce Development" and "Cyber Awareness" as two major objectives of CSSRL.
The tagline below the "cssrl" represents that our operations are exclusively in Cyber Security and we focus on Workforce Development to bridge the gap between the academics and the IT security industry as a professional training providing Company (and not another academic college or conventional educational institute)
CSSRL, for more than past 6 years has been operating with cyber security at its core and not just one among the ma…

Is CSSRL's training methodology different from conventional courses?

CSSRL is a cyber security workforce development company which provides various cyber security training programs to bridge the skill gap between academics and the industry requirements today. These training programs are available in regular classroom as well as virtual classroom mode. 
Earlier in 2017, we published a blog on  Why CSSRL's Virtual classroom methodology is different from typical "online courses" . But over a period of time, based on the queries of many prospective trainees, we realised that a significant section of that perceive us as someone conducting conventional training courses. 

Conventional courses focus mainly on preparing you for a third party certification exams by enrolling you into "lectures" where you will sit with 20 other people and take notes. Depending on how much you can remember and recall during the exam, you will either get certified or not. Though such certifications add to the credibility in your profile, they do not necessa…

What CSSRL looks for while hiring Security Evangelists

CSSRL, being a Cyber Security Workforce Development company offers various training programs to bridge the gap between the current academics and the workforce requirement by the IT industry at large. For providing this training, which is mainly focused on practical hands-on as well as basic concepts in various domains, CSSRL employs Security Evangelists who can guide the enrolled trainees.

We receive a lot of job applications, from applicants willing to become trainers / evangelists at CSSRL, some willing to offer their services on part time basis, while some who have cleared certification exams or having teaching experience in an engineering college.

While respecting those credentials, these do not necessarily qualify them to be fit to deliver the training as per CSSRL methodology.

To deliver our training methodology, CSSRL hires only committed full time trainers, who have chosen Security Evangelism as The career for them.

Those who are passionate for training, mentoring and creatin…

Attention Please : An Important Feed for HRs and Recruiters

An Important Letter for Cyber Security Recruiters and Employers

Dear Recruiters,

If your company is working in niche technology, if you own a business website that drives your sales & generates revenue, if you own a network or a mobile app to serve your clients & customers, if you wish to ensure 360° IT Management for your Information System, if your business harvest critical user data, if you manage finances for your customers, if you wish to upskill your employees, Here is an important feed, a highly prepared Workforce Pool for HRs.

I am privileged to introduce my company CSSRL Laboratories, a Cyber Security dedicated leading Workforce Development and Professional Training Provider. At CSSRL employing hybrid model of Smart Physical and Online Interfaces like  Virtual Classroom E-learning Platforms, Instructor Led Classrooms and Live Bootcamps served through Multi-tier Franchise Network, we develop young professionals, fresher students, corporate employees and Security enthus…

Inquiry/Admission procedure at CSSRL Pune

For those who are willing to start their career in cyber security, and considering leveraging CSSRL’s training services for the same, most of their inquiries fall in either of these two categories: a) which training program is right for them and b) procedure to enrol for that training program including eligibility, fee structure, application procedure, etc. While detailed counselling may be needed for some cases on the first category, most of the cases, especially those who do not have much background in IT security, can find their queries answered in our FAQs. We are trying to address the second category here i.e. the procedure related queries.      
All training programs offered at CSSRL Pune are listed at Training Services section on our website, along with duration, eligibility, fees and other relevant details. Respective brochures for the program can be downloaded for relevant training program.
Those, who do not have clarity on which training program to choose, can fill up theo…