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Why having a cyber security business as a franchisee is better than starting one on your own

It needs no mention that today, Cyber Security Industry is one of the fastest growing domain in the IT industry across the globe. For those starting their career or for those willing to shift to a different career, cyber security is the best choice in most cases. The same holds true for starting a new business. Cyber security business has a big market need today for services as well as for training so that we can prepare more manpower for the services needed.
The pros and cons of having a franchise vs starting a business on your own are well known or perhaps a lot of articles and advise can be found on the internet. The pros are the standard operating procedures (SOPs), an established brand name, no need for product design or investment on R&D, just to name a few. The cons include lack of flexibility ( you can't sell Masala Dosa in your own a Pizza Hut franchise ), sharing the revenue in term of royalties as well as restricted creativity ( which perhaps is not a negative point …