Why CSSRL's Virtual classroom methodology is different from typical "online courses"

Professional Training in Cyber Security is still a niche area in education industry and not many organisations are able to provide it to the level which is useful for the trainees in starting or advancing their career in this field. For those who want to get trained in this domain, the biggest challenge is to find a program "nearby" which is convenient to attend. Unfortunately, unlike most of the usual training programs which are available with a few kilometers from home or workplace or otherwise generally in same city where they live, we do not find good training programs in cyber security with such abundance. As shifting to other city or attending a training program far from convenient distance, or at a schedule which does not clash with existing profession, is not feasible for most of us, Virtual mode is the best option (or the only option, for many of us).

Apart from location and schedule, other benefits of online training include, self-paced training(repeat a module as many times as needed, pause when you need, go fast when you can), cost benefit( saving in commuting as well as lesser fees), own schedule (for those who want to learn at 2 am) and many more. But generally these benefits are not able to overcome the drawbacks like "What happens if I am not able to understand the contents on my own?" or “I really need some defined schedule to discipline myself" or "I feel comfortable in learning only in classroom environment". And most of the online course provider care the least, once you have "bought" their "product". The one reason for not considering virtual mode, which is heard most of the time, is “I had a bad experience in some online course in the past”. 

In case of cyber security, the training cannot be effective unless it contains a lot of practical hands-on experience. And that is exactly what CSSRL professional training programs are designed for. For virtual mode students, interaction with the instructors is what sets us apart from others. Not able to setup the latest version of required software, you can post a message for help. The experiment not giving the desired result and not able to figure out why; share the screenshots with the instructor. Not sure about which approach will work and need expert advice, schedule a phone call with the evangelist. Not able to understand a recorded lecture or a particular content on any reference material, ask for help. Depending on the type of query, an online screen sharing session or a video call can be scheduled. And all of this, with no restriction on the total number of interactions, during any program. 

Still don't believe its worth trying, then go for regular mode and you still get the same professional training in regular mode too. 


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