Why CSSRL came with the Republic Day offer?

We all know it's right time to start a career in Cyber Security. Those who already have an established career, augmenting Cyber Security skills or even switching to this domain is not a bad idea. The IT industry as well as other industries which depend on it are desperate to find and hire skilled Cyber Security Experts. The demand is all time high so far, (and ever increasing) but the supply of skilled manpower is not even close. The gap seems impossible to bridge. After all how many people can any government or organisation train and at such a quick turnaround time and without compromising on quality? 

And India is not just catching up with the rest of the world but becoming a leader in Cyber Security industry as both the demand as well as supply is growing at one of the fastest rate among all countries on the globe. 

CSSRL had taken the challenge to minimize this gap between his demand and supply by providing high quality professional training at affordable cost and manageable schedule for college going as well as working professionals. 

The amount of enthusiasm shown by people across all kind of backgrounds, be it a IT manager, or a Engg graduate or even non-IT background, has been encouraging for us at CSSRL. CSSRL has always been committed to this cause and hence been flexible enough to the challenging situations of those who are looking to get themselves trained. We could successfully help them overcome the challenges such as time management by providing flexible class timings or weekend options, or by providing virtual classroom to those who had location challenge. 

But in the recent past we also observed that many of them could not utilize the opportunity due to financial situations. Getting student loan from banks is still not that easy, Nor any other financial students are coming forward unless they charge high interest rate. 

Hence, on the occasion of Republic Day 2017, CSSRL has offered a limited period, 0% interest rate EMI option to all those who were holding themselves back only due to financial situation. 

We hope this will help us prepare more people who know It's right time to start a career in Cyber Security. One can contact CSSRL via email or phone or visit our location for details of the offer. 


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