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CSSRL Career Development Services

Cyber Security is not an Academic Subject of Study, its a Thriving Buoyant Industry in Action. Keeping the same idea in focus, CSSRL has always endeavored to prepare young students, professionals and IT Learners for this vary critical industry with well researched and tested training practices.

Offering a spectrum of several Training Programs with multi-dimensional coverage, we understand the importance of grooming the Trainee in IT Security Skills and Techniques with expert Sessions, Simulations, Practices, Assessments etc covering more than 17 Core Domains of Cyber Security.

But at the end of the day as the Training, Grooming, Practicing concludes, what is equally important, is a Suitable Remunerative Job in hand. Though IT Security Industry's Formal Recruitment Procedures are not that welcoming for the freshers. Moreover, impressed with the US/UK method of IT Security Recruitment, Indian IT Industry is unfortunately a bit biased towards credibility than skills. At CSSRL we strongly believe that "Frills get you a job, Skills hold it for you". And thus our task is to get Trainees across both "Frills" and "Skills". CSSRL not only acknowledges but actively participates in handling these challenge for its Trainees.

Once a Trainee is done with Formal Training, it is required to guide, mentor and assist the Trainee in his/her pursuit and hunt for bright Cyber Security Career.

CSSRL's Career Development Cell (CDC) is an active Career Assistance entity that offers following support services to help combat job challenges and bank the best opportunities for its Trainees :
  • CDC conducts Batch-wise Career Orientation for its Trainees to let them know ongoing opportunities and challenges
  • CDC periodically notifies Trainees about available job opportunities with Major IT Security Players in the country.
  • CDC mentors its Trainees in fetching Associate Internship opportunities with Core Security Companies. (As per Forbes recent study, 60% Internships turn into Jobs)
  • CDC also offers On-request Resume Review and In-House Recruitment services.
  • CDC offers counseling, in case a Trainee desires to further continue studying Cyber Security Specialized Domains and crack various Third Party International Certifications like CISSP, CISM, CISA, CRISC etc. 
A Trainee may avail CDC Services via CSSRL Branch Coordinator only. Moreover, a trainee must have qualified all Course Assessments and Exams before availing CDC Services.


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