One more hit…...Gujarat State Exclusive (Accredited Extension Center)

'Khushboo Gujarat Ki'

 The above line was by a well-known Actor Amitabh Bachchan, The Brand Ambassador of Gujarat tourism.

VG 2015(Vibrant Gujarat)

Gujarat approach towards inclusive and sustainable development & becoming the “The Global Business Hub”

Land of Opportunities

A Strong Economy with SDP rising at an average growth rate of 10.1% to since 2005 to 2013, more than national average

Ranked 1st in India for “Economic freedom among states” Economic freedom of the states of India 2013

You are thinking about that the post is all about Gujarat Credential or about what?

After, hitting our business center (AEC) @ Nigeria, Denmark, Dubai & Singapore, it’s now time for India, Marking our 1st Business Center (AEC) @ Gujarat.

So here, we are feeling very delighted to announce one more signing at State Level, another “Accredited Extension Center @ GUJARAT.

Here the Snapshot:-


CSSRL's another “AEC Gujarat”

Moving ahead with launching GUJARAT AEC by keeping the vision of “:Growth” & “Aim” to  serve “Global IT Community” by generating Professional Competent Workforce of IT Security Professionals that can fill up highly demanding sectors in Information System Security Industry.

We wish that, “In the days to come, our AEC Gujarat will continue to progress with vision to make AEC Gujarat from one of the finest Global Partners of CSSRL’s like other.”

Also, welcomes “AEC GUJARAT” in CSSRL’s family.

With having the Objective of “Working together, being partners, and partnering.”

Good Luck!


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