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Cyber Security Franchise Opportunity (Education and Training) - I

Dear Readers,

Today CSSRL sets the beginning of a new series of Articles over Franchise Opportunities in Cyber Security Industry. In these articles we have attempted to present various topics like
Franchising Business ModelsStartup OpportunitiesWhy Start your Own BusinessBest Business Setup Ideas Subjective Study of Business MarketCompetitive AnalysisSetting FootholdGlobal Expansion etc etc. CSSRL, a Reputed IT Security Company, caters to various important Business Verticals like Professional Education and Training, Business Protection Solutions and Assisted Entrepreneurship.
CSSRL Assisted Entrepreneurship Model or Global Partnership Initiative is to carry its services to every possible corner of World. Cyber Security Professional Education and Training Industry is an UNTAPPED ECONOMIC ZONE.
Though there are more than 30000 Small, Medium and Large Scale Players, globally, in IT Security Training Industry like EC-Council, Cisco, SANS, ISACA etc. Still World IT Infrastructure Backbone c…


Around the globe, societies are becoming increasingly dependent upon information and communications technology. The internet has revolutionized our world and created new opportunities for the economy and civilization at large. Nation's critical infrastructure, electric power grid, air traffic control systems, financial systems and communication networks, almost every digital / computerized system / gadget is vulnerable to cyber-attacks.
The good news is that counter-measures to these threats are also continuously advancing. Cyber security awareness has been on the increase even though it still needs to be increased. A lot of Cyber security training programs/courses have been introduced but only very few have the commitment to instill and emphasis the most important factor in cyber security studies in their training methodology.
Quality course content without quality training methodology cannot produce the kind of cyber security consultants / professionals that are needed in today wo…

Unbelievable but True!!!

Do you know that the number of internet users world-wide has crossed the 3 BILLION mark? As the Internet continues to grow, driven by ever greater online activities by Governmental / Non-Governmental Organisations, Financial / Educatonal Institutions, Individuals seeking Information / Entertainment,etc. Cyber threats / attacks also continues to increase thereby resulting in growing demand for trained professionals who can secure networks and combat cyber attacks.
CSSRL, currently Asia's most excellent Premier Research Institute proposes to offer you a life-time Business Opportunity under our Global Partnership Initiative (GPI).
CSSRL International Business Model (Global Partnership Initiative) aims to serve Global IT Community by generating Professional Competent Workforce of IT Security Professionals that can fill up highly demanding sectors in Information System Security Industry.
Moreover CSSRL Global Partnership Initiative (GPI) offers a unique opportunity to Entrepreneurs / Inve…

How to Protect Yourself from Cyber Attacks

Guys do you Know about Cyber-attack ? Cyber attack is any type of offensive maneuver (movement) employed by individuals or whole organizations that targets computer information systems, infrastructures, computer networks, and/or personal computer devices by various earnings of malicious acts usually originating from an unidentified source that either steals, alters, or destroys a specified target by hacking into a susceptible system. These can be considered as a Cyber campaign, cyber warfare or cyber terrorism in different context. Cyber-attacks can range from installing spyware on a PC to attempts to destroy the infrastructure of entire nations.  How to protect?
Setup strong passwords
Implementing strong passwords is the easiest thing you can do to support your security. Use a combination of capital and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols, and make it 8 to 12 characters long Don’t use your Birth Date and your address as a password. You should change your password in “every 90 days,…


Why there in an urgent need of security experts in India! GAANA.COM GOT HACKED
If you have'nt heard about the news of getting hacked this week , you are either probably living in a den or you don't follow tech news at all. is a Timesgroup venture which is one of the biggest business groups in india with billions in revenues and apparently a hacker from Pakistan named “Makman” hacked it with a method called Sql injection  ,which bytheway is so common that every teenager in ethical hacking and security starts his career by learning the same. Data of approximately 10 millions users was compromised and hacker posted the link to a searchable database of Gaana user details on his Facebook page, with images of the service's admin panel.Anybody could access all the information of the users by just entering the email. It sound strange that a large company like TimesInternet did'nt have a pentesting or security team to deal with such issues  because of which s…

Start Your Business

Start Your Own Business in Cyber Security Professional Training and Business Services with CSSRL Laboratories. Join the Discussion at "cssrl.laboratories" Skype or request Business Proposal.

CSSRL Global Franchise Models

CSSRL Laboratories, an India Based IT Security Company dealing in IT Security Education and Training, Business Protection Services and Assisted Entrepreneurship Crafting comes out with one of the most Economic set of Franchise Business Models. CSSRL OFFICIAL INTRO As the part of its Global Partnership Initiative (GPI), CSSRL invites Start-up Entrepreneurs and Investors to capture the rare opportunity to revolutionize Billion Dollars IT Security Training and Business Protection Service Industry with CSSRL's Global Franchise Business Models. Own CSSRL Country Exclusive Franchise and venture into an International Business Suite with Bankable returns (ROI Range: 26.73% to 87.62%). Request Customized Franchise  Proposal at or Contact GPI Franchise Managers at +91-8171586883 or +91-9219666821. Interested Entrepreneurs / Investors can also request Video Conferencing at CSSRL Skype "cssrl.laboratories"


Contributing to Nation Wide Cyber Security Awareness Initiatives, CSSRL presents First Version of its Capsuled Consolidated Subject Intensive Training Workshops called BOOTCAMPS 2015. The Major Aim of Bootcamp Workshops shall be the dissemination of Cyber Security Awareness to users of all run of life. CSSRL shall accept invitation from Schools, Colleges, Social Clubs, Techfest Organizers, Event Management Organisation etc.

Internet Twilight

Acknowledging, great revolutionary endeavors in Global Internet Space, CSSRL finds greatly responsible to share its precise opinion.  Net Neutrality, Save Internet Campaigns, Net for All, Facebook-Led Internet Provisioning with Telecomm Leaders etc possibly indicates a Revolutionary Twilight. Bringing the world closer to sharing ideas, opinions, success models, business schemes etc and founding an Open Global Village is quite a great idea. Yet intense study into contradictory impacts of such ideologies over Diverse Regional, Cultural, Political and Economical setups is still so very crucial. None of the Global Revolutions have enveloped "interests of all" but majority, is yet another pragmatic ideology.
"Not All Internet Communities can be given same pair of shoes. Size and comfort differs"

Franchising-Ready to Run Business

As you are well aware by the term FRANCHISING, so by focusing on the topic we should move ahead.
Today I summarize some points which fall in our mind when we are going to opt for a franchisee for a new start up or a venture.
Before deciding on a Franchise Model, first of all we need to target franchise requisites:-  Below is the diagrammatic response for the same.

One more hit…...Gujarat State Exclusive (Accredited Extension Center)

'Khushboo Gujarat Ki'
 The above line was by a well-known Actor Amitabh Bachchan, The Brand Ambassador of Gujarat tourism.
VG 2015(Vibrant Gujarat)
Gujarat approach towards inclusive and sustainable development & becoming the “The Global Business Hub”
Land of Opportunities
A Strong Economy with SDP rising at an average growth rate of 10.1% to since 2005 to 2013, more than national average
Ranked 1st in India for “Economic freedom among states” Economic freedom of the states of India 2013
You are thinking about that the post is all about Gujarat Credential or about what?
After, hitting our business center (AEC) @ Nigeria, Denmark, Dubai & Singapore, it’s now time for India, Marking our 1st Business Center (AEC) @ Gujarat.
So here, we are feeling very delighted to announce one more signing at State Level, another “Accredited Extension Center @ GUJARAT.

Here the Snapshot:-

CSSRL's another “AECGujarat”

Moving ahead with launching GUJARAT AEC by keeping the vision of “:Growth” &…

Power @ Business

Today we are talking on “POWER @ BUSINESS” The Word Power has versatile meanings but how it comes or use in Business terms. Power refers to the possession of authority and influence over others. Power is a tool that, depending on how it's used, can lead to either positive or negative outcomes in an organization. Power comes in many different forms, and leaders need to learn how to handle each type.
Yes, Power has so many meanings, other dynamics sense are:-
1- Ability to cause or prevent an action, 2- Make things happen 3- The discretion to act 4- An instrument transferring or vesting legal authorization
As new ideas are the life blood of business, keeping formality and rigidity out of the office was one of the key to CSSRL’s Success.
Power’s role @ CSSRL
 GROWTH @ CSSRL There is lot of ways to grow your business but to identify the best is the big task. Here if we talked about growth @ CSSRL. CSSR…

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