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The internet has revolutionized our world and created new opportunities for the economy and civilization at large.  Nation's critical infrastructure ,electric power grid, air traffic control systems, financial systems and communication networks is vulnerable to cyber attacks . The rapidly growing range of cyber attacks / threats results that there is a shortage of highly trained cyber security professionals.

As cyber threats/attacks continues to increase , there is growing demand for trained professionals who can secure our networks and combat cyber attacks. This has widened the gap between the supply and demand of  qualified /trained cyber security professionals.

Cyber Security issues often start with ordinary technology users who have not received proper training, they do not take security seriously . Achieving information security is far more than a technical problem, there must be a human solution.

In short, there needs to be a professional cyber security workforce we not only have a shortage of the technically skilled people required to operate & support systems already deployed , but also an even more desperate shortage of people who can design secure systems, write safe computer codes, and create the ever more secured tools needed to prevent, detect , mitigate and reconstitute from damage due to system failures and malicious acts.

Although cyber security professionals are in great demand, these remains a critical shortage of people who wish to enter this field. Managers who do understand the need for qualified and certified cyber security professionals face other challenges. They do not always know how to express their security needs in job descriptions. Over 3,00,000  jobs are estimated to be vacant just in India today. Among those 83% require a bachelor's degree.

The problem is that we are not even teaching the basics of computer security in schools and university programs in general & cyber security is still not a part of most CS departments & universities curriculum.

It must also be recognized that cyber security is a complex subject whose understanding requires knowledge and expertise from multiple disciplines.

Our cyber security issues and needs are complex and widespread but a comprehensive cyber security professional development plan & career path to reward and retain cyber talents have yet to emerge.

Given the importance of cyber world to our national security & standard of living we need a professional workforce . To do this as effectively & transparently as possible in this global environment, the cyber community must professionalize their craft.

CSSRL, currently Asia's most excellent Premier Research Institute offers comprehensive training in Information Security. CSSRL offers various Graduate, Post-Graduate programs,  Certifications in information security, and its services across the globe in Regular & Virtual Classroom mode. Recently ,launched its first country exclusive business centre in Nigeria with a perspective to bring world class training & business services across the globe. In our endeavor to replace Traditional Academic Mode of learning by Industrial and Professional Training Culture, all students at CSSRL are encouraged to participate and publish their inter-domain Research work through International Journals & Technical Bodies.

CSSRL Laboratories originated with Research and Training Segments as its 1st and major Commercial Verticals. On 20th September 2014, CSSRL Laboratories stepped ahead with more commitments towards excellence in IT Security Education and Training and initiated Global Partnership Initiative (GPI) Business Model to promote and outreach Trainees, Professionals and Security Aspirants across the world with CSSRL Franchise Offering. GPI became the 2nd Commercial Vertical of prominence and priority.

Strengthening its commitment to serve IT Security Trainee and Corporate Community with the finest Intellectual Services, CSSRL launches its BUSINESS SERVICES as 3rd Commercial Vertical catering to IT Security needs and requirements of Critical Information based Corporations like Banking, Governmental, Finance, Software Development, Network Infrastructure etc.


Mayank Bansal said…
Please Provide the full description of the courses your institute provide as an short term course nd fee structure...???

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