Technology vs. Regular Entrepreneurship

As I already mentioned in my previous blog about the complete picture of An Entrepreneur.
Once again a revisory act in short for better understand the heading.
If simply put, An Entrepreneur or Entrepreneurship is the process of organizing and assuming the risk for a business venture. An entrepreneur is to evaluate the market opportunities, invents solution to fulfill that opportunities, funding important resources & no doubt manages risk & the list continues as there is no full stop for describing &defining the roles of the Entrepreneurs.
Now comes to the Heading “Technology vs. regular entrepreneurship.
There’s a difference between regular entrepreneurship and technology entrepreneurship. The technology entrepreneur must succeed at two majors, but fundamentally different tasks: ensuring that the technology actually works in the target customer’s environment, and that it can be sold at a profit. Regular entrepreneurship typically worries only about the second part.
I will explain!.
See, what the world is truly flat. And great hardware, software and tech-driven business models ideas are springing up in all corners of the world.
Because of the increasing awareness of people with the advantages of Technology Entrepreneurship, many business owners are starting to take programs where they can learn more about incorporating technology in& with their business. These business owners are those that are ambitious and passionate enough to enter a new venture that would make their business more successful and technology oriented.
In case of Tech Entrepreneurs like CSSRL:-
For an example,

Well never goes to thirsty person.
Here WELL is Tech Entrepreneur & THIRSTY person are the IT TRAINEE & CORPORATE CLIENTS.
The point is to explain is that, Tech Entrepreneur need not to put so many efforts in generating the pool for good ROI.
But in case of Regular Entrepreneur, the direction was totally changed,
Here the Regular Entrepreneurs had to travel from so many channels to reach the satisfactory Level
In context to the above, an organization CSSRL Welcomes Indian and Global Entrepreneurs in conjoining with CSSRL Laboratories in launching Master Franchise/Region Exclusive Training and Exploration Centers or Extension Centers.
The pleasant object about Franchise is that you have an IT Frontrunner and Global Entrepreneur who has finest methods of Business Actions which open certain latitude of successful Entrepreneurship at International Playground.(
For business people who are going to use the regular entrepreneurship skills, they have to focus more on increasing their sales through the traditional method. The problem that they will face is t that they only have a few spectators to invite in their business.
Tech entrepreneurs, on the other hand, struggle& come out with the real problems are and build solutions that look for a problem to solve. Obviously not allentrepreneurs have this problem, but they acted much different than Tech entrepreneurs.
The conversations had by Tech entrepreneurs were much different than those had by regular entrepreneurs.
I can say confidently that Tech entrepreneurs are truly entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs with a totally different mindset. But yes, they are Tech entrepreneurs.
I’m not saying one is better than the other, but the motivation for what they do is totally different.
Do you agree?
Do you think the Tech entrepreneurship industry is headed in the future?
I am totally agreed. Yes it is……..
As Always all comments are welcome!


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