By stated the heading, you people definitely trying to understand the meaning & objective of the word.
Have you ever heard about “Pre-neur-entre”.
No, not at all?
So let’s bring some light on it.
Originally the Entrepreneur is a loanword from is defined as an individual who organizes a business or businesses.
Before entering in to any business or collaboration, one should know about the pros & cons of it.
being a successful Entrepreneur, one’s need to be more objective rather than over confident…….
First time the word”Pre-neur-entre”coined by us.
It basically tells that before entering in any field, Firstly “Pre” Decided the objective as you are “neur” or new to enter “entre” in the market.
Of all the things you'll ever do in your business, probably the hardest is to simply get started. To take that first step and get things moving. To jump in too deep end knowing you’ll be able to swim.
Entrepreneurs struggle because they virtually always start by asking the question, “What should my first step be?”
That's the wrong question. And the answer to it isn't the answer you need.
Answer that question and you may get started, but you won't get far. It always leads to struggled Operability, overwork, poor business growth and meager profitability.
The reality is, starting a business shouldn't be a struggle. If you know the right first step to take - the right question to ask.

If you're struggling to get "in the game," you should take a few minutes to read it.
CSSRL Laboratories desires to put forth an International/National Business Proposition.
CSSRL can be well introduced as an autonomous Studies and Research center incorporated under 1956 company act with Ministry of Corporate affairs, Govt of India. It runs various Under-Graduate and post Graduate Research based Degree and diploma program in cyber security, Network Administration, Network Forensics etc.
CSSRL International Business Model (Global Partnership Initiative) aims to serve Global IT Community by generating Professional Competent Workforce of IT Security Professionals that can fill up highly demanding sectors in Information System Security Industry. Moreover CSSRL Global Partnership Initiative (GPI) offers a unique opportunity to Entrepreneurs / Investors / Educational Organizations / IT Corporations to join CSSRL's WIN-WIN Business Model and be benefited by International Business Pool of IT Security Entrepreneurs.
As a Franchisor, CSSRL HQ understands and respects the Business Expectations of Investors/ Franchisees. As per our Analysis, CSSRL Business Centers shall generate an Average Annual ROI of 47.67%. To promote Business Sales, CSSRL HQ shall offer 40+ different support and services in Business Operations. Against which CSSRL HQ and CSSRL Business Center Franchisee shall share the sale on 30% : 70% basis. 40+ Services by CSSRL HQ shall consists of Automated Business Management System, Lead Generation, Regional Promotion Support, Client Acquisition, Web Promotion, Accreditons, Infrastructural Assistance, Staffing, Business Development, Placement Assistance and many more intangible supports and services along with CSSRL Brand Benefits in IT Security Trainee and Corporate Circle. And Above all you get to join an International Business Suite.
CSSRL Business Development Procedure shall route render various Baseline Supports like Site Selection, Infrastructural Layout, Team Selection, Administrative Training, Promotional Workshops, Operations Training, Grand Opening, Press Conference along with CSSRL Brand Benefits in IT Security Trainee and Corporate Circle.
While it may certainly be a gung-ho move to go at it alone, and become an entrepreneur with finding out the better off Global Business Leaders (like CSSRL Laboratories) who can share insights and its ideology to start a venture,& also who to keep you in line.However,pick carefully. As with any group effort, the decision making process gets complicated, take your own decision & get involved in it.
Conducting your own market research to thoroughly analyze local and global markets can help gauge the probability of your idea’s success.
In the end, the most important thing is your determination and willingness to take a leap of faith. You can spend all your life dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur, then regret not taking the chance when you were younger, or you could have spot that fleeting idea, hold onto it, and make it happen.
As always, all comments welcome.


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