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Technology vs. Regular Entrepreneurship

As I already mentioned in my previous blog about the complete picture of An Entrepreneur. Once again a revisory act in short for better understand the heading. If simply put, An Entrepreneur or Entrepreneurship is the process of organizing and assuming the risk for a business venture. An entrepreneur is to evaluate the market opportunities, invents solution to fulfill that opportunities, funding important resources & no doubt manages risk & the list continues as there is no full stop for describing &defining the roles of the Entrepreneurs. Now comes to the Heading “Technology vs. regular entrepreneurship. There’s a difference between regular entrepreneurship and technology entrepreneurship. The technology entrepreneur must succeed at two majors, but fundamentally different tasks: ensuring that the technology actually works in the target customer’s environment, and that it can be sold at a profit. Regular entrepreneurship typically worries only about the second part. I wil…


By stated the heading, you people definitely trying to understand the meaning & objective of the word. Have you ever heard about “Pre-neur-entre”. No, not at all? So let’s bring some light on it. Originally the Entrepreneur is a loanword from is defined as an individual who organizes a business or businesses. Before entering in to any business or collaboration, one should know about the pros & cons of it. For being a successful Entrepreneur, one’s need to be more objective rather than over confident…….
First time the word”Pre-neur-entre”coined by us. It basically tells that before entering in any field, Firstly “Pre” Decided the objective as you are “neur” or new to enter “entre” in the market. Of all the things you'll ever do in your business, probably the hardest is to simply get started. To take that first step and get things moving. To jump in too deep end knowing you’ll be able to swim. Entrepreneurs struggle because they virtually always start by asking …