Open Your Own Business Center With CSSRL Franchise

CSSRL Welcomes Indian and Global Entrepreneurs in conjoining with CSSRL Laboratories in launching Master Franchise/Region Exclusive Training and Exploration Centers or Extension Centers. Based upon responsible supports, facilities and program offerings, Region Special Extension Centers can be segmented into FOUR-TIER FRANCHISE MODEL.
The pleasant object about Franchise is that you have an IT Frontrunner and Global Entrepreneur who has finest methods of Business Actions which open certain latitude of successful Entrepreneurship at International Playground.
CSSRL can be well familiarized as a Self-regulating Trainings and Exploration Center registered under 1956 Company Act with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India. It goes innumerable Under-Graduate and Post Graduate Research based Diploma and Certification programs in Cyber Security, Network Administration and Network Forensics etc.
For More Details Contact us Help Desk Number +919219666821


richa saxena said…
What is ur four tier model?kindly explain

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