Tuesday, 5 August 2014


This is to announce the launch of Specialized Pro Certification series by CSSRL Laboratories in following domains:
  1.     Web Application Exploitation & Penetration Testing
  2.      Critical Network Infrastructure Security
  3.      Secured Linux Administration
  4.     Digital Forensics & System Analysis
  5.     Secured Server Administration
Interested candidates may REGISTER for their domain of interest against following respective certifications:
  •       Certified Web Penetration Tester v1.0  [CWPT]
  •       Certified Network Penetration Tester v1.0 [CNPT]
  •             Certified Digital Forensic Analyst v1.0  [CDFA]
  •       Certified Linux Security Administrator v1.0 [CLSA]
  •       Certification in Secured Server Implementation v1.0 [CSSI]

Details for Pro Certification Series can be checked at http://www.cssrl.in 

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