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Certified Digital Forensic Analyst v1.0 [CDFA] Begins from 20th August'14

CSSRL’s PRO CERTIFICATION SERIES starts with Certified Digital Forensic Analyst v1.0 [CDFA] batch starting for Internal & External trainees from 20 Aug’14 (9:00 AM to 10:00 AM).
CDFA or Certified Digital Forensic Analyst is a highly comprehensive professional certification dedicated to the Forensic study of Under-Analysis System to quickly and easily collect, preserve and reveal digital evidences without compromising system.
CDFA sets a globally recognized International Credit-based Certification in Professional Digital Forensics covering ·Log Analysis ·Process Synthesis ·Cyber Investigation ·Network Authentication Forensics ·Password Analysis ·Incidence Response ·Disk Space Imaging and Mining etc.
The Final completion of CDFA across 2 Months exhaustive training modules shall award a title and certification of Certified Digital Forensics Analyst upon the trainee.
Duration: 2 Months [8 weeks]
Fee Structure: 20,000 INR
Interested Candidates may register themselves at…


This is to announce the launch of Specialized Pro Certification series by CSSRL Laboratories in following domains:     Web Application Exploitation & Penetration Testing     Critical Network Infrastructure Security     Secured Linux Administration    Digital Forensics & System Analysis    Secured Server AdministrationInterested candidates may REGISTER for their domain of interest against following respective certifications:
      Certified Web Penetration Tester v1.0[CWPT]Certified Network Penetration Tester v1.0 [CNPT]Certified Digital Forensic Analyst v1.0  [CDFA]Certified Linux Security Administrator v1.0 [CLSA]Certification in Secured Server Implementation v1.0 [CSSI]

Details for Pro Certification Series can be checked at