CWPT, an International Certification in Web Exploitation, Testing and Evaluation techniques is a highly comprehensive study of Web Infrastructure Evaluation and Protection. A thorough Professional Training program meant to strengthen hands on skills in improvising and improving web infrastructure with age-ahead methodologies, tools and frameworks.

CWPT offers an opportunity to study and explore Critical Web Applications and Infrastructure from protection and risk evaluation point of view. CWPT can set a good choice for 

  •  Web Developers 
  • Team Leaders
  • Web Service Vendors and Providers
  • Security Learners 
  • IT Auditors
  • Online Mobile Application Developers etc.
The Final completion of CWPT across 2 Months exhaustive training modules shall award a title and certification of Certified Web Penetration Tester upon the trainee. 


This 2 months international certification in Web Penetration testing is majorly focused upon study of Web Application Infrastructure, Security Evaluation of Web Architecture, exhaustive testing of websites and online applications using enterprise Tools, Techniques and Frameworks.

ELIGIBILITY: IT Professional / Graduate / Web Developer / Interested Trainees

AWARD: Successful completion of the CWPT program entitles a candidate to receive an International Certification in Web Application Penetration Testing.

For Registration Log on to:
Email at: info@cssrl.in
Clear your query at: 9219666821, 8533880774


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