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The Term Cyber-Crime no longer refers only to hackers and other external attackers. Almost every cases of Financial Fraud of Employees misuse involve a very strong element of Computer based Evidence.

The Course

DURATION: 2 Months (8 Weeks)

On CDFA 2 months practical Computer Forensics Training courses, gain an understanding of Static Computer Forensics Analysis by learning about forensics principles, evidence continuity & methodology to employ when conducting a forensic investigation. Using practical case scenarios, you will be guided through the process of conducting a computer forensics investigation, & will learn the principles surrounding the collection of evidence, together with the forensic tools associated with forensic analysis.

Key benefits of course?

The program addresses the key questions of:

  • What tools & techniques are most likely to yield the right of clues?
  • What should one do when there is a suspicion of a computer – based crime?
  • Demonstration with the world’s leading forensics tool – Encase.
Who should attend this course?

  • Security and Network Administrators. 
  • Chief security officers and chief technology officers.
  • IT Professional / Graduate / Cyber Defenders.
  • Professionals seeking a career in Computer Forensics & Cyber Crime Investigation.


Successful completion of the CDFA program entitles a candidate to receive an International Certification in Digital Forensics, Data Analysis and Imaging.

For more queries:
Contact at: +9 9219666821, 0121-4058758


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