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"Upgraded" PG Diploma in Cyber Security (PGDCS) Admissions 2014-15


Proceeding ahead in the journey of excellence and encouraging career in Information System Security, CSSRL Laboratories invites Online Applications for Admission to PG Diploma in Cyber Security (PGDCS) with upgraded curriculum for 2014-15 Regular Session.

PG Diploma in Cyber Security Program is a 1 year POST GRADUATION INDUSTRIAL STUDY in Cyber Security. PGDCS imparts Associate Level training to Corporate Professionals & Trainee Students across the globe.PGDCS stands tall with Great Credibility amongst Corporate Professionals across 34+ COUNTRIES.


DURATION: 1 Year (2 Semesters) Regular Classroom Mode
ELIGIBILITY: Working IT Professionals / IT Graduates (Passed/Appearing)
FEE STRUCTURE: 50,000 INR (including Academic + Examination + Course-kit Fee)
For more details call CSSRL Admission Help-desk at 09219666821 or mail us at


indraveer said…
A MUST !!!! for those who are willing to prepare for International Certifications like CISSP / CISM / CEH / CISA / CompTIA+ etc and handle Zro Day Enterprise Security Issues most effectively
Islah Ikrami said…
How about CSSRL recognition? UGC? AICTE?
indraveer said…
CSSRL is an Autonomous Studies & Research Center incorporated under 1956 Company Act with Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Accredited Internationally with IADL(UK), membered with Data Security Council of India (DSCI) and Indian Society for Technical Association (ISTE). Just like NIIT or EC-Council, CSSRL is having autonomous identity for state of art intellectual and educational services in the field of Information System Security and Network Administration
Islah Ikrami said…
But for any institution to depart undergraduate or post graduate programs in India, accredition to governing bodies like UGC, IGNOU or AICTE is necessary.
Else, you cannot term them a Bachelors degree or a post graduate degree because attestation will not be possible by MEA or government regulatory bodies.
indraveer said…
Dear Islah, I believe there are some clarification required here. CSSRL is offering Post Graduate Diploma programs in Information Security. Thus we never popularize that our PG programs are degree programs. Moreover, our Integrated BCA in Cyber Security is Dual Component program, in which BCA degree is awarded by IGNOU (Delhi) and Associate Diploma in Cyber Security (ADCS) along with that, is offered by CSSRL with IADL(UK) and ISTE accreditions. Thus the only degree program in CSSRL is BCA in Cyber Security (BCA + Diploma in Cyber Security) wherein BCA is awarded by IGNOU University.
Islah Ikrami said…
Thanks Indraveer for the clarification

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