Cyber Security Education INDEED is a NEED

India needs secure systems and networks to tackle the increasing threats against the cyber security of the Country, Gulshan Rai, Director general of the Indian government's Computer Emergency Response Team said this.

He said that around half a million people are required in the next five years to address issues related to cyber security.He pointed out that few institutions in the nation are dealing with this issue. Security of systems at the mobile level is vital and to deal with the task, people with advanced training, M.Tech and Ph.D-level knowledge and ability, would be needed.

The center at the IIIT-D will engage in high-level education, technical training and research, with the aim of helping various stakeholders like the government, industry and general public ensure cyber security.
"As people, institutions and services move online, cyber-security has become critically important. This calls for sustained and high-quality education and research in this field," said Kiran Karnik, chairman of the IIIT-D Board of Governors.

In India, there are some good institutions like Cyber Security Studies & Research Laboratory (CSSRL) that offers different graduate and post graduate level programs in both online & offline modes like:

     1) Under Graduate Programs: [For students after 12th]
        a) Integrated BCA in Cyber Security(IGCS)
        b) Associate Diploma in Cyber Security(ADCS)

   2) Post Graduate Programs: [For students after graduation]
       b) PGDCS (FastTrack)

For More Details:
Help-Desk: 09219666821
Official Website:


amit kumar said…
yes, the need of cyber security education in india has increased but there are very less no. of students that shows interest in this field. I like this program IGCS so that after 12th a student can do.
niharika sharma said…
nice article, i found it really interesting
Anonymous said…
After 12 One Of the best option..... Really Good Career in Cyber Security...
rajesh edunom said…
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