Unique Career after 12th in Cyber Security

In today’s Information Technology (IT) oriented society. The demand of IT Professional is fast increasing and the demand of techno legal professional is even greater. For instance carrier in Cyber Law, Cyber Security, Information Security, Cyber Forensics, etc is a very good option for these days.

CSSRL, entirely dedicated to Research, Innovation and Graduation combine provide training in security sector, to create professionals who can make our life save and secure. The institute is committed to provide the world’s most advanced security education and training to personal across the security sector’s pyramid.

The institute infrastructure is well furnished with all modern facilities.The campus has been carefully designed to become a benchmark for any security training institute / college. CSSRL arrange transport services for Community to Institute, Educational and Industrial Visit and Outlets.
  •  Logging  
  • Security Testing Laboratories
  • Digital Cyber Library
  • Annual Research Feasts and Symposiums
  • Student Club
  • Work While Learn
  • National / International Journal Publication etc...

CSSRL programs offered to undergraduate/ graduate students is an opportunity to develop knowledge and skills that can help them pursuer career in a variety involving Information Security. The position may be involve the :- Cyber Security Professional, Software Developer, R&D Executive, Network Engineer, Security Advisor, IT Consultant, Network Administration and many more…

To view a list of CSSRL’s courses description,

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Akshita Rastogi said…
Its an interesting program everyone must try it .
nancy john said…

Keeping the workplace challenging and engaging is important. Happy employees are productive ones, and for many the same routine of punching the time clock everyday gets old fast.

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