Q. What is Information Security Analyst?

Ans. An Information Security Analyst is employed by a Company or Organization to manage the Security of its Computer Networks and Information Systems. This entails auditing the network for Vulnerabilities, Developing Solutions for security issues and Investigation security breaches.

A Security Analyst isn't just a gatekeeper who looks down networks. This analyst constantly analyzes the state of the company’s network security. If you are interested in a career as an Information Security Analyst, one of the most important things you can do is to get an Information Security Certification.

Q. What are the Job Responsibilities of the Information Security Analyst?
·         Creating, Testing and Implementing Network Disaster recovery plans.
·         The encryption of Information and Company data may be responsibilities of an security analyst.
·         Performing like assessments and testing of data processing systems.
·         Installing Firewalls, data encryption and other security measures.
·         Also responsible for preventing data loss and service interruptions.

Q. Is there any career after 12th in Information Security Analyst?
Ans. Yes, for students after 12th have great opportunity in this profile. Cyber Security Studies and Research Laboratory offers a program for students after 12th which has a degree + diploma in cyber security i.e. Integrated BCA in Cyber security (IGCS). It is a dual specialization program in which students get diploma in cyber security + Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA) Degree from IGNOU University.

Q. Information Security Analyst Salary?
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