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Ans. Cyber Security is the body of Technologies, processed and practices designed to protect Network, Computers programs & data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. In a computing context, the term security implies Cyber Security.  

Q. Why CYBER SECURITY is Important?
Ans. The increasing Volume & Sophistication of Cyber Security threats – including targeting phishing scans, data theft and other online vulnerabilities – demand that we remain vigilant about securing our Systems & Information.
The average unprotected computer (i.e. does not have proper security controls) connected to internet can be compromised in moments. Thousands of infected web pages are being discovered every day. Hundreds of millions of records have been involved in data breaches. New attack methods are launched continuously. These are just a few examples of threats facing us, the important of cyber security as a necessary approach to protecting data and systems.

Integrated BCA in Cyber Security (IGCS) can help prepare you to be a leader in the protection of valuable data assets. Course focus on Network Security, Digital Forensics and Ethics in Information Technology.

 IGCS Program is of 3 Years. Each content / module comprises a mix of lectures, problem classes and practical classes or student undertakes an individual RESEARCH PROJECT under the supervision of a member of instructor.

·        DURATION: 3 Years (6 semesters in regular mode)
·         ELIGIBILITY: 10+2 Appearing / Appeared from any discipline

·         Information Security Professional
·         Cyber Security Professional
·         Security Advisers
·         Software Developers
·         R&D Executive
·         System Engineer
·         Network Engineer
·         Security Consultant
And many more…

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Help Desk No.:+91 9219666821

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Ronnie Sharma said…
really nice article.... this program is really interesting IGCS
Unknown said…
Nice blog....M sharing this link to 2 of my friends....they are in 12th standard
thanks...hope it helped them.
Thanks Ronnie sharma
Harpreet Kaur said…
I had complete my +2. I like to do BCA. I would like to know its scope in coming years. Hope u will help me to solve my problem.

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