Friday, 10 March 2017

Holi Offer - Early Bird Discount on Admission for Certified Web Penetration Tester

Wishing a Happy Holi to all of you!

A lot of people who inquired in recent past have asked if there is any possibility of discount in the fee for our training program. All CSSRL professional training programs are designed and priced in such a way that they can provide best value for the money spent by the trainee as well as to ensure that we are able to continue to provide this training opportunity to everyone by keeping our Accredited Extension Centers financial feasibility under consideration.

CSSRL has come up with another offer on this festive occasion. For all those who complete their admission process and pay the fees between Holi and March 31st, 2017 for the Certified Web Penetration Tester (CWPT) program starting mid May 2017, CSSRL is offering an early bird discount of 20% on the total program fees.

The offer is applicable only on Certified Web Penetration Tester (CWPT) program
  • in regular mode training conducted at AEC Pune for batch starting mid May 2017. 
  • if entire fees is paid within the offer period i.e. between 13th Mar and 31st Mar
  • Those enrolling after the offer period, even in same batch, will need to pay full fees and will not be eligible for the offer.
  • The training will be conducted on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) - detailed schedule will be published at least one month in advance.
  • As the offer is applicable on a fixed batch, the flexibility in schedule which is normally offered by CSSRL will not be applicable.
  • Service tax will be applied on the discounted amount. 
  • Those who want to avail the offer can Apply on our website. No need to pay anything at the time of application. Remember to select CWPT and Regular mode. 
For any queries related to admission procedure or for details of training email at or call 9820378258

Friday, 10 February 2017

Why CSSRL's Virtual classroom methodology is different from typical "online courses"

Professional Training in Cyber Security is still a niche area in education industry and not many organisations are able to provide it to the level which is useful for the trainees in starting or advancing their career in this field. For those who want to get trained in this domain, the biggest challenge is to find a program "nearby" which is convenient to attend. Unfortunately, unlike most of the usual training programs which are available with a few kilometers from home or workplace or otherwise generally in same city where they live, we do not find good training programs in cyber security with such abundance. As shifting to other city or attending a training program far from convenient distance, or at a schedule which does not clash with existing profession, is not feasible for most of us, Virtual mode is the best option (or the only option, for many of us).

Apart from location and schedule, other benefits of online training include, self-paced training(repeat a module as many times as needed, pause when you need, go fast when you can), cost benefit( saving in commuting as well as lesser fees), own schedule (for those who want to learn at 2 am) and many more. But generally these benefits are not able to overcome the drawbacks like "What happens if I am not able to understand the contents on my own?" or “I really need some defined schedule to discipline myself" or "I feel comfortable in learning only in classroom environment". And most of the online course provider care the least, once you have "bought" their "product". The one reason for not considering virtual mode, which is heard most of the time, is “I had a bad experience in some online course in the past”. 

In case of cyber security, the training cannot be effective unless it contains a lot of practical hands-on experience. And that is exactly what CSSRL professional training programs are designed for. For virtual mode students, interaction with the instructors is what sets us apart from others. Not able to setup the latest version of required software, you can post a message for help. The experiment not giving the desired result and not able to figure out why; share the screenshots with the instructor. Not sure about which approach will work and need expert advice, schedule a phone call with the evangelist. Not able to understand a recorded lecture or a particular content on any reference material, ask for help. Depending on the type of query, an online screen sharing session or a video call can be scheduled. And all of this, with no restriction on the total number of interactions, during any program. 

Still don't believe its worth trying, then go for regular mode and you still get the same professional training in regular mode too. 

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Why CSSRL came with the Republic Day offer?

We all know it's right time to start a career in Cyber Security. Those who already have an established career, augmenting Cyber Security skills or even switching to this domain is not a bad idea. The IT industry as well as other industries which depend on it are desperate to find and hire skilled Cyber Security Experts. The demand is all time high so far, (and ever increasing) but the supply of skilled manpower is not even close. The gap seems impossible to bridge. After all how many people can any government or organisation train and at such a quick turnaround time and without compromising on quality? 

And India is not just catching up with the rest of the world but becoming a leader in Cyber Security industry as both the demand as well as supply is growing at one of the fastest rate among all countries on the globe. 

CSSRL had taken the challenge to minimize this gap between his demand and supply by providing high quality professional training at affordable cost and manageable schedule for college going as well as working professionals. 

The amount of enthusiasm shown by people across all kind of backgrounds, be it a IT manager, or a Engg graduate or even non-IT background, has been encouraging for us at CSSRL. CSSRL has always been committed to this cause and hence been flexible enough to the challenging situations of those who are looking to get themselves trained. We could successfully help them overcome the challenges such as time management by providing flexible class timings or weekend options, or by providing virtual classroom to those who had location challenge. 

But in the recent past we also observed that many of them could not utilize the opportunity due to financial situations. Getting student loan from banks is still not that easy, Nor any other financial students are coming forward unless they charge high interest rate. 

Hence, on the occasion of Republic Day 2017, CSSRL has offered a limited period, 0% interest rate EMI option to all those who were holding themselves back only due to financial situation. 

We hope this will help us prepare more people who know It's right time to start a career in Cyber Security. One can contact CSSRL via email or phone or visit our location for details of the offer. 

Monday, 19 December 2016

CSSRL Career Development Services

Cyber Security is not an Academic Subject of Study, its a Thriving Buoyant Industry in Action. Keeping the same idea in focus, CSSRL has always endeavored to prepare young students, professionals and IT Learners for this vary critical industry with well researched and tested training practices.

Offering a spectrum of several Training Programs with multi-dimensional coverage, we understand the importance of grooming the Trainee in IT Security Skills and Techniques with expert Sessions, Simulations, Practices, Assessments etc covering more than 17 Core Domains of Cyber Security.

But at the end of the day as the Training, Grooming, Practicing concludes, what is equally important, is a Suitable Remunerative Job in hand. Though IT Security Industry's Formal Recruitment Procedures are not that welcoming for the freshers. Moreover, impressed with the US/UK method of IT Security Recruitment, Indian IT Industry is unfortunately a bit biased towards credibility than skills. At CSSRL we strongly believe that "Frills get you a job, Skills hold it for you". And thus our task is to get Trainees across both "Frills" and "Skills". CSSRL not only acknowledges but actively participates in handling these challenge for its Trainees.

Once a Trainee is done with Formal Training, it is required to guide, mentor and assist the Trainee in his/her pursuit and hunt for bright Cyber Security Career.

CSSRL's Career Development Cell (CDC) is an active Career Assistance entity that offers following support services to help combat job challenges and bank the best opportunities for its Trainees :
  • CDC conducts Batch-wise Career Orientation for its Trainees to let them know ongoing opportunities and challenges
  • CDC periodically notifies Trainees about available job opportunities with Major IT Security Players in the country.
  • CDC mentors its Trainees in fetching Associate Internship opportunities with Core Security Companies. (As per Forbes recent study, 60% Internships turn into Jobs)
  • CDC also offers On-request Resume Review and In-House Recruitment services.
  • CDC offers counseling, in case a Trainee desires to further continue studying Cyber Security Specialized Domains and crack various Third Party International Certifications like CISSP, CISM, CISA, CRISC etc. 
A Trainee may avail CDC Services via CSSRL Branch Coordinator only. Moreover, a trainee must have qualified all Course Assessments and Exams before availing CDC Services.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Career Opportunity : Information Security Analyst

Q. What is Information Security Analyst?

Ans. An Information Security Analyst is employed by a Company or Organization to manage the Security of its Computer Networks and Information Systems. This entails auditing the network for Vulnerabilities, Developing Solutions for security issues and Investigation security breaches. 

A Security Analyst is a gatekeeper who looks down networks. This analyst constantly analyzes the state of the company’s network security. A Security Analyst isn't just a gatekeeper who looks down networks. This analyst constantly analyzes the state of the company’s network security. If you are interested in a career as an Information Security Analyst, one of the most important things you can do is to get an Information Security Certification.

Q. What are the Job Responsibilities of the Information Security Analyst?
·         Creating, Testing and Implementing Network Disaster recovery plans.
·         The encryption of Information and Company data may be responsibilities of an security analyst.
·         Performing like assessments and testing of data processing systems.
·         Installing Firewalls, data encryption and other security measures.
·         Also responsible for preventing data loss and service interruptions.

Q. Is there any career after 12th or Grad as Information Security Analyst?
Ans. Yes. CSSRL's core objective has always been to prepare Trainees gradually upto Industrial Standards. And this preparation should be started most timely. A 12th Candidate has sufficient time to learn, practice and sharpen his IT Security Skills. Though to secure such a Promising Entry Job, Graduation is minimum requirement.

Q. Information Security Analyst Salary?
Ans: Following is the most recent research study published by Payscale India for the same.
 For More Details:
Visit us at 
Write us at / 
Call us at 9997600634

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Is Cyber Security career possible for me?

Perhaps in recent past you had shown interest in getting trained in Cyber Security. But could not make up your mind as there were some questions or concerns which prevented you from taking a decision.

We know that the Cyber Security Industry is growing. There is a lot of scope in it in future. It is the right time to start a career in cyber security.But is it for me? Can I make it? Where do I start? Do I need to give up my current career and start fresh? These are some of the questions which many of us face when we consider opting for Cyber Security as a career.

We have compiled for you some frequently asked questions below which people ask and the answers for the same.

What is the eligibility for studying cyber security? What if I am not from IT background?

At CSSRL we have a range of courses in cyber security for people with different educational backgrounds and interests. Our counselor will be able to guide you to choose the course that is best fit for you, if you decide to enter in this domain.

I am curious about Cyber Security but not sure if I can have a career in this domain.

Due to growing demand of cyber security professionals and a lot of career opportunities a lot of people have recently started getting attracted to this domain. There could be various reasons but primarily they fall in any of these three categories when someone want to study Cyber Security.

a) Those who want to start in this field but have no significant background in this so far

b) Those who do not see it as a career option but want to learn cyber security due to curiosity or to increase their awareness.

c) Those who have studied cyber security but want to upgrade their skills and learn advance topics.  

At CSSRL, we have various courses addressing all of these different needs.  

How do I decide which course is right for me?

The details of all our courses, with their duration, eligibility, fee structure and course contents are listed on our website. Our counselor will be happy to help you (on phone call or in person) in case you need any guidance in choosing the right course. 

Do I need to have good knowledge of computer programming to learn cyber security

The answer depends on which course you are choosing. Except in some specialized courses, having prior knowledge of computer programming is not mandatory. 

I have already have a lot of years of experience in my career but I am new to cyber security. Do I have to start from beginning?

CSSRL offers various courses for all levels. Contact our counselor to discuss your case.  

What kind of career options are available in the field of cyber security?

There is a huge growth in career opportunities in the cyber security domain since past two years and it is expected to grow even faster. In fact most of the reports indicate that the cyber security industry is going through a shortage of skilled resources. This, of course, is a good opportunity for those who learn the skills.  

I want to learn cyber security but not sure if I will be able to manage my time to attend the classes without disturbing my current profession.

At CSSRL we understand the constraints or issues which the student faces in such situation. Our academic schedule is planned and customized for our students to provide such flexibility included weekend and or evening/early morning classes. Check with admission cell, before deciding to join any course on what flexibility can be provided in your case to match your availability.

I heard that employment in cyber security domain  requires a lot of hands on experience and not just some certification by learning theoretical concepts. Is it true?

That is true. Without sufficient hands-on/practical knowledge, it will be unfair to expect a good career specially in domains like cyber security. Hence all our courses have enough hands-on sessions for our students so that they have the required skills and confidence by the time they are ready for employment in this domain.

If I choose distance learning/virtual classroom mode, what will happen to my practical classes?

Unlike most of the online courses available on internet, CSSRL provides full support to our virtual learning students (What is CSSRL's virtual learning mode?)  by providing not only recorded lectures but also interaction with trainer for answering queries as well as providing all required tools and assistance in installing and using them. CSSRL trainers are assigned to all our virtual learning mode students who review their progress and are available to answer their queries and assist them in their practicals/hands-on.

My job schedule is unpredictable and may require occasional travelling. What if I join some course but could not complete it due to my travel requirements?

Contact CSSRL Admission cell in such case and we will be able to provide you such flexibility if required.

What if I realize after joining any course that it is too complex for me?

Our counselor will help you avoid such situation by guiding you to join the course which is fit for you. However, if such situation still arise, our trainers are also flexible enough and go extra mile to ensure that you achieve the skills that you intended to, when you joined the course. 

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Cyber Security Franchise Opportunity (Education and Training) - I

Dear Readers,

Today CSSRL sets the beginning of a new series of Articles over Franchise Opportunities in Cyber Security Industry. In these articles we have attempted to present various topics like
  1. Franchising Business Models
  2. Startup Opportunities
  3. Why Start your Own Business
  4. Best Business Setup Ideas 
  5. Subjective Study of Business Market
  6. Competitive Analysis
  7. Setting Foothold
  8. Global Expansion etc etc.
CSSRL, a Reputed IT Security Company, caters to various important Business Verticals like Professional Education and Training, Business Protection Solutions and Assisted Entrepreneurship.

CSSRL Assisted Entrepreneurship Model or Global Partnership Initiative is to carry its services to every possible corner of World. Cyber Security Professional Education and Training Industry is an UNTAPPED ECONOMIC ZONE. 

Though there are more than 30000 Small, Medium and Large Scale Players, globally, in IT Security Training Industry like EC-Council, Cisco, SANS, ISACA etc. Still World IT Infrastructure Backbone carries a big vacuum for Trained (NOT JUST CERTIFIED) Cyber Security Professionals. 

Here it is important to emphasize "what is the meaning of NOT JUST CERTIFIED ?". Let us clarify.

Unlike most other industries, Cyber Security Recruiters (Most) estimates the credibility of one's skills and understanding about IT System Security based upon various International Certifications / Degree Programs. Which is perfectly fair to judge the Credibility of a Professional.

For Instance, we must understand that a 40 Hours CEH Training and then conclusive CEH Certification does not imply that a Professional is actually a Certified Ethical Hacker with Best of Hand's On Skills and Practices. Not to offend the Certified Professionals but to just point out the GAP.

Now This creates an OPEN OPPORTUNITY for Startups to offer more conducive Setup and Environment of Professional Training and Education where Professionals are developed over Skills and not merely Credibility. THIS IS CSSRL BUSINESS FOUNDATION.

CSSRL welcomes various interested Professionals / Entrepreneurs / Universities to study its Global Franchise Initiative and join in developing Certified Security Professionals with Credibility and Skills Both.

Feel free to mail us at or call us at +91-9219666821.
Interested in CSSRL Franchise ?

Saturday, 1 August 2015


Around the globe, societies are becoming increasingly dependent upon information and communications technology. The internet has revolutionized our world and created new opportunities for the economy and civilization at large.
Nation's critical infrastructure, electric power grid, air traffic control systems, financial systems and communication networks, almost every digital / computerized system / gadget is vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

The good news is that counter-measures to these threats are also continuously advancing. Cyber security awareness has been on the increase even though it still needs to be increased. A lot of Cyber security training programs/courses have been introduced but only very few have the commitment to instill and emphasis the most important factor in cyber security studies in their training methodology.

Quality course content without quality training methodology cannot produce the kind of cyber security consultants / professionals that are needed in today world .The need to produce a blend between quality course content and quality training methodology becomes our concern at CSSRL Laboratories. We believe that the most important factor in cyber security is to have experts / professionals who not only have the certification but also possess the technical skill and knows the right application of what has been learnt in real life scenario.

At CSSRL we make sure that you don’t just qualify as a cyber-security expert but that you also acquire the technical skill and that you know how to apply what you have learnt in real life scenario.
As we continue to expand our commitment to increasing cyber security work-force, we introduced International Studentship Program 2015 (ISP 2015) with special features that makes it easy, affordable and interesting for international students to study Cyber Security in Asia's Finest Cyber Security Research Laboratory located in India.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Unbelievable but True!!!

Do you know that the number of internet users world-wide has crossed the 3 BILLION mark? As the Internet continues to grow, driven by ever greater online activities by Governmental / Non-Governmental Organisations, Financial / Educatonal Institutions, Individuals seeking Information / Entertainment,etc. Cyber threats / attacks also continues to increase thereby resulting in growing demand for trained professionals who can secure networks and combat cyber attacks.

CSSRL, currently Asia's most excellent Premier Research Institute proposes to offer you a life-time Business Opportunity under our Global Partnership Initiative (GPI).

CSSRL International Business Model (Global Partnership Initiative) aims to serve Global IT Community by generating Professional Competent Workforce of IT Security Professionals that can fill up highly demanding sectors in Information System Security Industry.

Moreover CSSRL Global Partnership Initiative (GPI) offers a unique opportunity to Entrepreneurs / Investors / Educational Organizations / IT Corporations to join CSSRL's WIN-WIN Business Model.

You can send us a request mail for Official Business Proposal at or contact Mr. Chidi Chigbu, Business Development/Marketing Manager at 7533870195, or Mr. Indraveer Singh, Operations Manager at 9219666821.

You can also send your contact number and we will call you back.

With an anticipation to seek best of Business Relations ahead,

Warm Regards

GPI Development Cell,
CSSRL Laboratories, Headquarters, India
+91-9219666821 / +91-8171586883 /+91-7533870195
cssrl.laboratories (SKYPE)

Saturday, 6 June 2015

How to Protect Yourself from Cyber Attacks

Guys do you Know about Cyber-attack ?
Cyber attack is any type of offensive maneuver (movement) employed by individuals or whole organizations that targets computer information systems, infrastructures, computer networks, and/or personal computer devices by various earnings of malicious acts usually originating from an unidentified source that either steals, alters, or destroys a specified target by hacking into a susceptible system. These can be considered as a Cyber campaign, cyber warfare or cyber terrorism in different context. Cyber-attacks can range from installing spyware on a PC to attempts to destroy the infrastructure of entire nations. 
How to protect?

Setup strong passwords

Implementing strong passwords is the easiest thing you can do to support your security. Use a combination of capital and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols, and make it 8 to 12 characters long Don’t use your Birth Date and your address as a password. You should change your password in “every 90 days," but don't hesitate to do it more frequently if your data is highly-sensitive.
Take one day in a week to observer your credit card accounts
One suggestion that may seem obvious is to carefully review your credit card statements as soon as you get them.  But once a month means it might be 29 days before you notice fake behavior. Set a specific day once a week to review your statement. 
Don’t share your private information

Unfortunately, there is a constant threat to your personal data like cell phone, wallet, laptop and at home PC, home phone. Take extra precaution in giving information to unwanted callers or sites. Many fraud artists make calls to unwitting consumers and are able to smoothly trick the listener into thinking that they are an authorized vendor.  A simple rule: do not provide your passwords or personal information to unwanted callers and sits. When searching new websites, to ensure its security, make sure there is a closed lock symbol at the bottom right of the screen.  Web addresses that begin with “https” are generally secure, and if you click on the lock symbol on the bottom right, it will display the same “https” address. 
Cyber attacks always harm to publics now days terrorist use web for fulfil their evil motives they prepare their plans and share harmful information through web.  Some hacker hack the information just for enjoyment mostly people hack information for fun some do it for money and so on. To protect you in this magical virtual world stay alert don’t share your account information with unknown person and any unauthorized of fake site for any competitions.  
Some companies give professional training in the field of Cyber Security like CSSRL these companies teach trainees or students how to do cyber protection. Increase you’re Business with, CSSRL Global Partnership Initiative to offer best of FranchiseOpportunities to Entrepreneurs and Investors across, to create a Globe Enveloping IT Security Community.